Scale Remote Work Programs With Mobile Apps

Use No-Code Mobile App Security Integration

Ensuring secure remote work at scale is a top priority for organizations. Mobile apps provide countless ways for uninterrupted productivity but lack consistent app-level controls, which creates an expanded attack surface. IT must balance employees’ need for immediate access to these apps ,with the organization's security needs . When IT doesn't have access to the source code for apps or mobile app developers with cybersecurity skills rapidly deploying a secured app is almost impossible.

Learn how to evaluate no-code solutions so you can quickly support remote work with secured mobile apps.

Reduce cost and time needed to make apps enterprise-ready

Embed Microsoft Intune or BlackBerry Dynamics without developers or access to source code

Support any app development framework

Download the White Paper to Enable Secure Remote Work with No-Code Tech

Harness the productivity potential of remote workers while meeting compliance and security needs.

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