Blue Cedar Developer Partners

Accelerate secure app adoption and usage

The Blue Cedar Developer Program provides app developers with access to a platform for securing mobile apps quickly and easily. Our developer tools enable developers to insert the highest-grade mobile security into your app and deliver a seamless and secure experience to your end users across the extended enterprise, either at app development time or post compilation. 

Blue Cedar Developer Apps include:

  • Accellion (iOS)
  • The Hub
  • NBID ( Android )
  • Ping! (Android)
  • NBID Vessel Boarding (Android)
  • Box
  • Breezy
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Adobe Reader (Android)
  • HP Anywhere (iOS)
  • Nike (iOS)
  • Mail+
  • Locus Free (Android)
  • Touchdown (Android)
  • Office Talk Free (Android)
  • PDF Expert
  • SAP GRC Access Approver
  • SAP Employee Lookup
  • HR Approvals
  • Leave Request
  • Manager Insight
  • Systems Monitoring
  • Work Manager
  • ERP Order Status
  • Sales Manager
  • CRM Service Manager
  • EMR Unwired
  • Utilities Customer Engagement
  • Business Objects Mobile
  • Business One
  • Streamwork
  • Jobs
  • Notes
  • SCM Lite
  • Smart Office
  • Tableau (iOS)
  • Chargesheet (iOS)
  • Verizon Sales Toolkit
  • Voltage SecureMail

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