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Sign up today for the unique opportunity to shape Blue Cedar’s Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry. The accelerator integrates BlackBerry Dynamics SDKs into your Mobile Apps—in minutes, not months.

Implemented on the intuitive, no code Blue Cedar Mobile App Integration Platform, the Blue Cedar Integration Accelerator for BlackBerry:

  • Catalyzes the delivery of secure corporate mobile apps for BlackBerry customers and partners at significantly lower costs & elapsed time than alternative manual coding approaches
  • Supports essential BlackBerry Dynamics SDK functions, including, but not limited to provisioning, compliance, lock/wipe, data at rest and in transit encryption and more—in any iOS or Android corporate mobile app
  • Rapidly prepares mobile apps for enterprise management—by BlackBerry UEM—even when there’s no access to mobile app source code

Complete this form to enroll in our Beta Program today and you'll:

  • Enjoy preferred customer/partner status
  • Benefit from your apps & your use cases getting validated in advance of the solution’s general availability
  • Work closely with Blue Cedar product and engineering teams, and with BlackBerry, to shape the direction of the solution

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