Webinar: Navigating Mobile App 

Security in the Era of Edge Computing 

Thursday, May 24th 10:00 am PT/1:00 pm ET

Join Industry Analyst Dr. Ed Amoroso (former CSO of AT&T) for this live Webinar.

Organizations across a wide range of industries are working to tap the power of mobile, IoT and other edge devices. But there are serious security risks to consider.

This webinar takes a compelling look at the security threats you'll face as you process and store your most critical data on edge devices—why current security measures fall short, and a new, app-centric approach that’s more effective (and easier).

You'll Discover:

  • How the growth of mobile app use in the enterprise has brought new cybersecurity issues to the forefront
  • The challenges presented when mobile and edge app security isn't properly enforced and controlled
  • What currently-used mobile app security methods can achieve--and the problems they also present
  • How an app-centric, code-injection approach to security—instead of a focus on devices—can help organizations protect enterprise data and assets in today's perimeter-free enterprise networks


Hosted by:



Dr. Ed Amoroso- Chief Executive Officer, Tag Cyber & Former SVP & CSO of AT&T









Kevin Fox- Chief Technology Officer, Blue Cedar



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