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Pega and Blue Cedar

Develop and Deploy Secure Mobile Apps. Without Coding.


Pega and Blue Cedar make it easy for Pega customers to develop, secure and deploy self-protecting mobile apps

Pega mobile build service customers can use Blue Cedar to easily add the following security controls to their compiled Pega apps to meet internal security and regulatory compliance requirements.

  • BlackBerry Dynamics
  • Blue Cedar Mobile App Security
  • Microsoft Intune & Microsoft Authentication

Use all features of the Blue Cedar Platform for FREE with as many mobile apps as you want. Blue Cedar is free to use until integrated or secured mobile apps are pushed to production. 

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The Blue Cedar Platform



A cloud-delivered DevSecOps solution that streamlines the process of deploying secured B2C (business-to-consumer) and B2E (business-to-enterprise) mobile apps. The Blue Cedar Platform provides:

  • Blue Cedar Enhance, an integration service that adds security into mobile apps without requiring code to be written. 
  • Blue Cedar Mobile App Security to protect the data and the runtime of mobile apps. 
  • DevSecOps Services to import apps from CI/CD pipelines, sign apps and distribute apps. 
  • Workflow Builder to automate the last mile of deployment tasks needed to release secure apps, by stringing together Enhance and DevSecOps Services. 

Blue Cedar Enhance Service

  • Integrate security into already compiled mobile apps without coding
  • Supports all app development frameworks

  • No-code integration of
    • BlackBerry Dynamics
    • Blue Cedar Mobile App Security
    • Microsoft Intune & Microsoft Authentication



Blue Cedar App Security

Blue Cedar App Security provides mobile RASP (runtime application self-protection), data protection and secure connectivity to fortify the defenses of B2C and B2E mobile apps.

Protect the Data

Prevent data loss with data security policies 

  • Cut-paste / copy-paste prevention
  • Data encryption
  • Grouped apps
  • Local authentication
  • PIN / passphrase
  • Privacy screen
  • SSO credential management
  • Connect to VPN

Protect the Runtime

Prevent runtime attacks with Mobile RASP 

  • Anti-debugging
  • Anti-hooking
  • Anti-tampering
  • Emulator / simulator detection
  • Jailbreak / root detection
  • Man-in-the-middle (MitM) detection
  • Minimum OS Version

Blue Cedar Enhance In Action

No-Code Integration of BlackBerry Dynamics

No-Code Integration of Blue Cedar App Security

No-Code Integration of Microsoft Intune